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NIFT Mains 2023-24

  • Online 15 Days Crash Course @ ₹5000/-
  • Home Coaching Kit @ ₹1500/-
  • Live Online Sessions on Situation Test
  • Materials for Real Situation Test Experience
  • Video Lessons for Material Handling
  • Studio Test Exercises
  • Solving Previous Year Questions
  • Interview Guidance

NIFT 2023 Situation Test

NIFT 2023 Situation Test is a crucial step for fashion design aspirants, that evaluates their ability to create innovative designs, think critically, and solve real-world fashion challenges. The NIFT 2023 Situation test consists of various rounds, including material manipulation, prototyping, and presenting the final product. It requires the candidates to showcase their creative and technical skills, as well as their time management abilities. With the competition getting tougher every year, cracking the NIFT 2023 Situation Test requires thorough preparation, practice, and a comprehensive understanding of the test format. So, gear up and give your best shot to ace the NIFT 2023 Situation Test!

Details of Courses

S.No.Details of CoursesLive Online Crash Course
Fees : ₹ 5000/-
Home Coaching Kit
Fees: ₹ 1500/-
115 Days Live Online ClassesOn ZoomNot Applicable
2Material kit for Situation Test – 20+ Stationary Materials exactly similar to real situation testIncluded in parcelIncluded in parcel
3Past Year PaperLive OnlineOnline Access on app
4Mock Test PapersLive OnlineOnline Access on app
5SoP (Statement of Purpose) Samples (For M.Des)Live OnlineOnline Access on app
6Material Handling VideosLive OnlineOnline Access on app
7Backup Recorded ClassesApplicableNot Applicable

Course Modules

1Material Exploration Part 1
2Material Exploration Part 2
3Accessory Design Part 1
4Accessory Design Part 2
5Abstract Design Part 1
6Abstract Design Part 2
7Product Design Part 1
8Product Design Part 2
9Interior Space Design
10Exterior Space Design
11Trophy Memento & Badge Design
12Composition (World Issues)