NID Colleges List

The NID (National Institute of Design) Exam is a renowned entrance examination conducted by the National Institute of Design in India. It is held annually to select candidates for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in design. The NID Exam is known for its rigorous evaluation of candidates’ aptitude, creativity, problem-solving skills, and design thinking. The exam aims to identify individuals with a strong artistic and design inclination who possess the potential to excel in the field of design.

  • The exam consists of two stages: the preliminary exam and the mains exam. The preliminary exam assesses candidates’ abilities in areas such as visual perception, creativity, drawing skills, and logical reasoning. It may also include questions related to design fundamentals, color theory, and general awareness

Exam Pattern

  • The National Institute of Design Entrance Exam is conducted in two stages:
    1. NID DAT Prelims
    2. NID DAT Mains
  • NID DAT Prelims
    • The question paper includes 2 types of questions, i.e., objective and subjective.
    • The total time duration of the exam is 3 hours
Exam PartType of QuestionsNo. of Questions
Part I

Part II
Objective type questions
Subjective type questions

Total No. of Questions

NID DAT Mains/ Studio Test Exam Pattern

Shortlisted candidates from the preliminary exam are then invited to appear for the mains exam, which further evaluates their design and problem-solving skills. The mains exam typically includes activities like studio tests, group discussions, and personal interviews. Candidates are given design problems or scenarios and are expected to come up with innovative solutions using their design knowledge and creative thinking.

List of UG Programs
B.Des. (Film & Video Communication)
B.Des. (Exhibition Design)
B.Des. (Animation Film Design
B.Des. (Graphic Design)
List of PG Programs
M.Des. (Film & Video Communication)
M.Des (Graphic Design)
M.Des (Animation Film Design)
M.Des (Photography Design)

NID Campuses

NID has three campuses located in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bengaluru. NID Ahmedabad Campus is situated in Ahmedabad city, in Gujarat State and it offers 8 Bachelor Degree Programs and 7 Master Degree Programs (2,5 years). Recently, Ph. D Program (5 years) has been introduced at NID Ahmedabad Campus. NID Gandhinagar Campus is situated in the city of Gandhinagar, in Gujarat State and it offers 7 masters programs of 2.5 years. NID Bengaluru Campus is situated in the city of Bengaluru, in Karnataka State. Bengaluru Campus offers 5 masters programmes (2.5 years).

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